of a tourist of a tourist

What you cannot see in the video…
These people rolling down the stairs with support – some of them wearing colorful overalls – and the passerby reacting to them: do you need help? Is it an accident? You cannot see that they are two working groups who met by chance in the park: These guys rolling down the stairs, in the background, are from Hamburg. And the internationals on a touristic trip on the left side of the image. Okay, maybe you could recognize something touristic about them. Jin’s hat. People with backpacks. Standing in a group, looking in the same direction. Rita taking a picture. Nuno posing. But what you cannot see in this video is that they are performing or let’s say practicing a ”monument to tourists“ which is a specific approach to traveling and discovering a city. They ask you: What’s your favorite place in Hamburg? Or: In this district? They go there, and take a picture or film? (That’s what you can see in the video). And ask the next person in that spot, where to go. At least that’s how I imagine it. What else? Luckily, what you cannot see is me lying on a bench in the shadow sun-struck, trying to watch from afar (but actually having a nap).

Helena Ratka  (Video), Heike Bröckerhoff  (Text)


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