Sigurður Arent Jónsson graduated with a BA in Contemporary Performance Practice from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2010. A performer and maker, Sigurður Arent has worked internationally since 2009. He is interested in movement and the body as an instrument of affections and effect. Jónsson is currently touring Thom Luz’s new musical performance, Girl From The Fog Machine Factory.

Jenny Beyer is living in Hamburg. Her works and collaborations have been shown internationally (a.o. Spring Dance Festival Utrecht, Impulstanz Vienna). In 2007 she was choreographer in residence at K3 | Danceplan Hamburg. She is part of Sweet&Tender and initiated the first edition of the collaborative format of TREFFEN TOTAL in 2010. For her Trilogy of Spectatorship she received the three year conception funding of the Cultural Department of Hamburg and started a series of OPEN STUDIOS, a studio based practice of getting into direct communication with spectators. As a teacher for professionals and non-professionals and as choreographer and coach of the Hamburg band Deichkind, she dedicates herself to the mediation and application of choreographic principles.

Verena Brakonier studied dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts and was a guest student in the physical theatre department. Amongst others she has worked with Martin Nachbar, Antje Pfundtner, Jonas Woltemate and Trajal Harrell. Furthermore she was a member of the megaphone choir led by Sylvi Kretzschmar and supported the Schwabinggrad Ballett and the Group of Lampedusa Hamburg. She was a scholarship holder at danceWEB 2013 at Impulstanz Wien and 2013/14 she was an artist in residence at K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg. Next to her artistic work, she is a bodywork practitioner and combines her two professions on the field of (body-) attention.

Heike Bröckerhoff works as a dramaturge and performance-maker in Hamburg, Germany and Nantes, France. Since 2010, she has been working with the performing arts collective Stomach company (FR) and seeks for long-term collaborations in art as well as friendship.
In Hamburg she regularly and passionately works with Moritz Frischkorn, Juliana Oliveira, Višnja Sretenović, Jonas Woltemate, among others and presented work at Kampnagel, K3 – choreographic center, Gängeviertel, and MS Stubnitz. Trying to use theater as a tool for building new (temporary) communities, she has been working in different projects: as a dramaturgical and curatorial support for the festival DanceKiosk – 48h Nomads with Angela Guerreiro and recently for Garden State*Hamburg initiated by mamaza at the Live Art festival Kampnagel. She co-initiated and writes for – PLATEAU, a discursive platform for the performing arts scene and cultural politics in Hamburg, including a monthly radio show at FSK.

Carolin Christa (Hamburg) studierte MA Performance Studies in Hamburg, Dipl. Soziale Arbeit/Ästhetische Bildung in Bochum und bildete sich in Improvisation/Neuer Tanz bei bewegungsart in Freiburg fort. Sie ist Teil des Kollektivs Bauchladen Monopol (Hamburg/Köln) und entwickelt Interventionen und Performances, die auf der Straße und an theaterunüblichen Orten stattfinden. Sie realisiert mit Jugendlichen Projekte im öffentlichen Raum für Programme wie TuSch oder Kulturagenten, und arbeitet als Trainerin für politische Bildung u.a. für Engagement Global. Aktuell beschäftigt sie sich ernsthaft mit Witzemachen und Clownerie.

Giulio D’Anna is based in Amsterdam where has graduated in Choreography in 2009 at SNDO (School for New Dance Development). He is interested in the fusion of different theatre languages with “dramatic bodies”. In his works he seeks for translation of drama as genre into a contemporary theatre language. Drama, desire and humour are key words for his productions. He works as independent maker in between The Netherlands and Italy. In the last years his dance productions have been shown internationally in and outside Europe. In 2011 Giulio won the Equilibrio dance festival; in 2012 the Diorapthe Dance Prize, in 2013 the Danza&Danza prize and the NDD Price of Maastricht; in 2014 his 2013 production O O O O O O O O has been nominated for a Zwaan Prize. Giulio is supported by Dansateliers in Rotterdam and Versiliadanza in Florence.

Antoine Effroy (Hamburg/Bochum) is a choreographic artist. He works since 2012 with the theater group kainkollektiv in Bochum, which mostly handles with the German post/colonial heritage, and next season he will work with the composer and director Heiner Goebbels. His last own works ÜBERSEEBAR and MÜLHEIM PARADISE took place at the bar of the music club Mojo Club on Reeperbahn as well as in a private swimming pool in the basement of a villa in Mülheim an der Ruhr. For him is the place of the performance an important ‘partner’, even if it’s a classical theater. His next research will take place on the industrial site Werk Union in Dortmund, in context of a residency hosted by Favoriten 2018.

Greta Granderath is a theatre maker and writer based in Hamburg. She collaborated with Forced Entertainment, Regina Rossi, Swoosh Lieu, Fundus Theater and the Ruhrtriennale amongst others. Together with Juliana Oliveira, she initiated and presented the interdisciplinary art project DIE PALETTE (throughout May 2017, Jupi Bar, Gängeviertel Hamburg) as well as the ongoing performance series o.T. (1-5). In 2015 Greta co-directed the one-to-one performance PRIVATE DANCER with Hannah Georgi (K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg/Summerfestival Kampnagel). For her written work she received a scholarship of the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and of the City of Hamburg in France. She is a co-founder of “Probebühne im Gängeviertel“, a self-organized rehearsal studio

Tobias Gronau studied philosophy in Bremen and sound engineering  in Hamburg. Since the 90s he has played in several bands and electronic projects. He has composed and produced music for numerous theater productions above others at the Schauspielhaus Zürich, Staatsstheater Stuttgart, Stadttheater Bremen, Kampnagel Hamburg and the Volksbühne Berlin. 2016 he took part at the kollabirative Projekt „Treffen Total“ in Hamburg and 2017 at the „Total 2017“ in Seoul.

Sophia Guttenhöfer arbeitet als Choreographin und Performerin. Mit  ihrem Kollektiv Bauchladen Monopol bespielt sie theateruntypischer Räume (Keller, Ämter, Treppenhäuser, öffentliche Plätze, Kneipen) und sucht nach den sichtbaren und unsichtbaren Regeln welche Bewegung im urbanen Raum beeinflussen. In unterschiedlichen Kollaborationen (BLM, Guy Marsan, Kirstin Burckhardt, Hessisches Landestheater Marburg, Regina Rossi) befasst sie sich zur Zeit thematisch mit Normierung, Verortung im Raum, dem Phänomen des Jammerns und feministischen Konzeptionen zu Körper und Geschlecht. Ästhetisch interessieren sie Simplizität, Leichtigkeit und die Nähe zum Alltäglichen gepaart mit Skurrilität in Wort und Bild.

Victoria Hauke, choreographer/dancer, is interested in how the emotional physicality of the body enfolds out of its somatic, energetic and sensory processes. Interested in shifting aspects of perception, reception and correlation of dance for the audience, she often collaborates in interdisciplinary and intercultural contexts with artist collegues from visual arts, music or science. She has been for several projects, e.g. in India (2010/2011/2015), in Russia (2013) or recently (2017) in Seoul.
From 1993 on she made about 50 pieces and installations. For more than 20 years she has been studying and practising Taijiquan and Qigong, which has a huge impact in terms of her approach to the work with the human body. Victoria is also teaching in festivals, institutions and unversities in Germany and abroad.

Franz.iska Henschel (Hamburg) konzipiert, entwickelt und inszeniert Stücke für Kinder und Erwachsene im Grenzbereich von Schauspiel, Performance und Choreografie. Sie arbeitet als freie Regisseurin an Staatstheatern und in der freien Szene, lehrt als Dozentin an der Theaterakademie Hamburg und begleitet als Mediatorin künstlerische Prozesse Anderer. Gemeinsam mit dem Musiker Lothar Müller und den gemeinsamen Kindern lebt F.H. in Hamburg St.- Pauli.

Sofia Kakouri (Gr) works as a freelance Dancer, Performance Artist, Movement practitioner and teacher. She experiment with and develop combined sound to motion and motion to sound movements; using the body, breathing, vocals, site-specific objects and musical instruments, ex: pocket-trumpet. Alongside she develops the “HM.D.D.” that is a form of dancing that focuses on the rhythmical, harmonious and dissonant aspects of natural bodily and vocal expression. Performances and material from this workshop have been presented internationally, including the TREFFEN TOTAL experiential performance project for the residency on [k3]Kampnagel/2016 +TOTAL on Seoul Dance center/2017; FreeFlowFest2016/Irsina; HAWILA PROJECT/Copenhagen 2015+2016.

She awarded prizes for the contemporary dance category by the National Hellenic Contest „Terpsixoris erga“ – 2003+2004. She graduated from the Greek State School of Dance in Athens KSOT – 2010. Since 2012, she is based in Brussels where she collaborates with several international artists such as Peter Jacquemyn (visual artist, musician/Bel); Lazara Rosell Albear (visual artist, performer/Cuba); Geraldo Si (dancer/Bra); Carlos Zingaro (musician/Prt); Sten Rudstrom (action theater/Berlin); Klaas Verpoest (visual artist/Bel); Yolanda Gutierrez (choreographer/Mexico). She performed at the International Filmfestival Rotterdam (2018); WIELS – „art ensemble of Brussels (2018); PARKMUSIC Neue Ho(e)rizonte 2017 (Germany); Dead Dance Zone 2014 ([K]Kampnagel/ Hamburg, D).

Pavlos Kountouriotis (GR/UK/BE) is a Live Artist and performance art theoretician. He studied for his PhD at the University of Roehampton, did his post-doc research at P.A.R.T.S. and has two Masters. Pavlos’ performance work deals with the body as a subject, object, canvas and tool of the performance. He is a fervent fan of logical thinking, the theatricality of rituals, pain and suffering, and he is currently obsessed with systems that exhaust themselves without the fear that prompts human intervention. He is the Head of Master’s Theatre Practices at ArtEZ, Artistic Director of the Postgraduate Research Studios (PReS) and he was previously the programme leader for different Master’s Programmes.

Lyon Eon Kwon studied contemporary dance and choreography. Currently she is working as a choreographer and performer based in Seoul.
After receiving a scholarship from the Yokohama Dance Collection EX in 2014,  she spent six months residing at the Centre National de la Danse(Paris, Rennes, Montpellier, and Rillieux-la-Pape). In 2016, at Danse Élargie she presented the piece [Glory] which is focused on the military exemption system through the contest of contemporary Korean male dancers. In recent years, her research has been focused on exploring the body and origin that faith dominates.

Nuno Lucas lives in Lisbon/Paris. He began showing aptitude for comedy at early age. He studied at the music conservatory. Debuted as a performer in National Theater D. Maria II (2001). He was invited to take his first steps in choreography in LAB10 (2003). He completed his degree in Economics at Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 2004. He created many pieces such as: Pongo Land (2008); Trompe le Monde (2010); A Coming Community (2012); I Could Write a Song (2015); Por esse Mundo Fora (2016). Performance highlights include work with Miguel Pereira, Joris Lacoste, João Fiadeiro, Ivana Müller and Mala Voadora. Of particular importance in his training were Forum Dança and EX.E.R.CE, directed by Mathilde Monnier and Xavier le Roy. He regularly teaches composition/performance in several countries, for adults as well as for children.

Rita Natálio (Lisbon, 1983) studied Choreographic Arts (Paris VIII), is a Master of Psychology (PUC- São Paulo/ Brazil) and is currently preparing a double doctorate in Art Studies (FCSH-UNL Lisbon) and Anthropology (FFLCH-USP Sao Paulo) with an FCT scholarship. She is dedicated to writing, dramaturgy and performance, combining the creation of texts and shows with academic studies. Her poetry book Artesanato has been nominated for the prize “Prémios Novos 2016”, followed by „Plantas Humanas“ („Human plants“) published in 2017 with (não) edições.

Jin Young Park earned a Bachelor’s in Dance majoring in choreography, and has a Master degree in the Department of Performing Arts and Multimedia from Kookmin University in Seoul. She worked with Rosemary Lee in the U.K. in 2011. She did impulsTanz DanceWEB Scholarship 2013. In 2014 she collaborated with Keiron Jina(ZA) and Catherine Nakawesa(UG) inviting them later to perform this work in Seoul. In 2015, sponsored by Estonia MoKS and the British Council, she did a residency at Mooste. Later that year, she created and exhibited a community video at Gyeongnam Art Center. In 2016, she was invited to participate and collaborate at Treffen Total 2016 in K3-Hamburg. Later she invited Pavlos Kountouriotis,Tobias Gronau,Sofia Kakouri and Nuno Lucas to collaborate in Total2017, project supported by Korean Arts Council.

Ann-Kathrin Quednau (Hamburg) is a Vocal Artist. she studied German and Comparative Literature in Bochum and the M.A. program Performance Studies at University of Hamburg. She’ s interested in different singing techniques f.e. classical, Roy Hart, jodelling. In RE: STIMME (Kampnagel, 2012) and CHRONIC HICCUP (K3-Zentrum für Choreographie, 2014) she worked with the relationship between Movement and Voice. She is part of the megaphone-choir, a political performance group founded by Sylvi Kretzschmar (ESSO HÄUSER ECHO – EIN NACHRUF Kampnagel, 2014)and workes in collaboration with musicians and dancers at Radikal Unsichtbar im Gängeviertel, at Blurred Edges 2016, at WestwerkSchau 2018. Since 2014 she is part of TREFFEN TOTAL. Furthermore she works as a drama teacher, gives music classes for small children and is singing in the choir of ORESTIE at Thalia- Theater. Together with Frauke Aulbert she is planning the project SAUNA SOUNDSCAPES which will take place in August at Hallo-Festspiele.

Helena Ratka, geboren 1983 in Hamburg. 2005- 2011 Studium der Visuellen Kommunikation mit Schwerpunkt Film an der HfbK Hamburg. Parallel zum Studium Gründung und Leitung der Galerie Pow in Altona, die einen Schwerpunkt auf interdisziplinären Kunstprojekte legte sowie Happenings, Konzerte, Lesungen und Filmabende beherbergte. Die kuratorische und vernetzende Arbeit setzte sich ab 2011 zusammen mit Nika Breithaupt fort in der Kuration der Galerie des Golden Pudel Clubs Hamburg unter dem Namen „Next Time…“.

Zwischen 2004 -2016 Realisation verschiedener längerer und kürzerer Filmprojekte zwischen Dokumentation, Fiktion und Musik und die Gründung Ihrer Band „Shar Vari“ zusammen mit Sophia Kennedy.

Liz Rech (Director/Performer/Activist/Researcher). Liz studied dramaturgy at the Bavarian Academy of Theatre (1995-2002) and directing at the University for Music and Theatre in Hamburg (2002-2007). She has been working at the interface of theatre, performance and installation, alongside various art initiatives and collectives (Komm in die Gänge; Schwabinggradballett). In addition, she has led numerous theatre formats and workshops. Since 2015 Liz Rech has been engaged with artistic research together with the Graduate School Performing Citizenship in Hamburg, finding “new articulations of urban citizenry in 21st century metropolis”. (HCU / k3 Centre for Choreography, Hamburg).

Annika Scharm (1987) grew up in Mauritania, Namibia and Germany and studied Applied Theatre (BA) in Brisbane, Australia. In 2012 she graduated from the University of Hamburg with an MA in Performance Studies and has since been working as a freelance performer and theatre maker. She is an active member of the Probebühne im Gängeviertel, enabling this rehearsal space and initiating and performing in the recurring format SONNTAGSSALON. In her solo performances BALZTÄNZE and A MURDER OF CROWS she explored animal- human relationships and hybrid characters (Kampnagel 2015 and 2016). Her new performance work MIEZEN: COPYCATS will be presented at Kampnagel in 2019. Most recently she has collaborated and performed with POOL, Yolanda Gutiérrez, Liz Rech, Schwabingrad Ballett, Katharina Swoboda and Jérôme Bel amongst others.

Ulrike Steffel. Nach dem Studium der Literaturwissenschaft, der Politologie und der Wirtschaftswissenschaften in Wuppertal war sie von 1996 bis 2000 Leiterin der Abteilung Marketing und Vertrieb am Nationaltheater Mannheim und von 2000 bis 2003 in gleicher Funktion am Bremer Theater. Seit 2003 arbeitet sie von Hamburg aus frei im Bereich Kultur-Marketing. Für Auftraggeber wie Kampnagel Hamburg, das Stadttheater Gießen, Tanzplan Bremen, K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg, den BFDK, verschiedene Festivals (u.a. Kaltstart Hamburg, Hamburger Theaternacht, Hauptsache Frei) sowie zahlreiche Freie Theater- und Tanzproduktionen reicht das Arbeitsspektrum von der Text- und Presse-Arbeit über die klassische PR- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, die Entwicklung von Sponsoring- und Fundraisingkonzepten bis hin zur Konzeption und Durchführung von effizienten Marketingstrategien. Zuletzt war sie die Kommunikationsleitung des Festivals Theater der Welt 2017 in Hamburg.

As STÜCKLIESEL Jessica Buchholz und Pamela Goroncy initiate, conceptualize and translate into action artistical, scientifical and educational productions in the field of performing arts. The heart of their activities and their little atelier is located at the creative centre Zinnwerke on the island Hamburg Wilhelmsburg. They address to choreographers, directors, performers, artists, musicians, artist collectives, scientists as well as cultural institutions and groups, who want to outsource parts of their work in a highly professional way. STÜCKLIESEL enter at any point into the process and support projects sometimes starting with the development of an idea, sometimes with the final act. Their own projects they generate in cooperation with long-standing partners and they benefit from a lively network within the free art scene as well as from established cultural, scientific and educational institutions and theatres in Hamburg, Berlin and North Rhine Westphalia.

STÜCKLIESEL´s activities include the textual-artistic + conceptual collaboration and advice, the development of complex funding acquisition and the entire financial management, dramaturgy in the fields of dance and performance, product-technical support, public relations + graphic design in web and print media and last but not least the documentation and settlement of the projects.

At present STÜCKLIESEL work a.o. with Jenny Beyer, Fernanda Ortiz, Patricia Carolin Mai, Ursina Tossi, Fabian Chyle, Victoria Hauke, Greta Granderath & Juliana Oliveira, Matthias Mühlschlegel, Marc von Henning and the collectives TREFFEN TOTAL and POOL. The productions take place at fixed venues as well as at off space locations such as galleries, industrial spaces or protective bunkers. STÜCKLIESEL are experienced in making formats happen at places unusual for theatre and performances and attracting large audience which is surprised to discover its affinity to art.

Ursina Tossi is a Dance-Artist relating dance, visual media and sound with political topics and intense physicality. Concepts and normative attributions of gender, animality, technology and body are shifted and dissolved by movement and media. Her contemporary projects are based on interdisciplinary exchange with music, visual arts and fine arts. She studied Philosophy at Uni Mannheim and achieved the MA of Choreography at ArtEZ in Arnhem. 2011/12 she was choreographer in residency at K3 / Tanzplan Hamburg. She had the danceWEB scholarship and residency with Angela Guerreiro in 2011. She worked as a dancer among others with Aki Kato, Filip van Huffel, Tamaki Serizawa, Angela Kecinski, Fernanda Ortiz and Antje Velsinger. 2008 she initiated and curated all 1-forum a platform for Contemporary Art & Dance in Hamburg. Her video work was invited to Perfomance Philosophy Conference in Groningen 2014, Dance-Kiosk 2014-15 Hamburg and tanztausch Köln 2014 -17. She facilitates dance & choreographic practices at Performance Studies Uni-Hamburg, K3 and CDSH and other venues. BARE BODIES / BODIES & STATES OF EXCEPTION had premiere at Kampnagel Hamburg 2017 and her upcoming choreography BLUE MOON will premiere at Kampnagel 17/10/18, Tanzfaktur Köln and Ballhaus Ost Berlin in 2018/19.

Das ist Antonia. Antonia kocht gerne.
Seit vier Jahren auch mal aus den privaten Kreisen raus, und rein in Pudel, Golem, Schaltzentrale. Das Spiel und das spielen soll wieder zurück in die Küche gebracht werden – entdecken, austauschen, überraschen lassen. Das Essen wird hierbei zum Medium der Kommunikation und zum Medium des Handelns. Essen bekommt einen performativen Charakter, wodurch die Mahlzeit nicht mehr Mittel zum Zweck, sondern das Mittel selber werden kann. Wertschätzung, Genuss und Bewusstsein kommt dadurch nicht nur verbal zum Ausdruck, sondern wird durch Sinne erfahrbar – man kann es schmecken, tasten, riechen, sehen  – und am Ende landet es als leckerer Brei im Bauch.

Image 24.06.18 at 20.23

Louise Vind Nielsen (b. 1984, Denmark) sound-, performance and visual artist based in Hamburg, Germany.
Through her often absurd and humorous pieces Louise Vind Nielsen explores visual arts and performance as a field that can go beyond and alter normatively regulated perceptions of society and what it means to be a human today often balancing between artistic sensibility and tough realities. Nielsens artistic and curatorial practice is characterized by critical research and a diverse artistic production often in collaboration with international artists, activists, musicians and other humans.
In her recent work “Tongue Reads Philomela” (KH7 Århus, DK 2018) Nielsen tells the story of Philomela, a princess from greek mythology which tongue was cut off by her rapist, with her tongue penetrating a piece of paper. Since 2010 Nielsen is performing as „Umuligt Instrument“, in which she transforms her female body into a live electro-acoustic instrument, and in her recent piece “Human Amplifier” (2017-2018) Nielsen invites people to function as loudspeakers for her musical performances.
Nielsen received her Diploma in Fine Arts from the DJK (Jutland Academy of Arts) in Aarhus, Denmark 2013 and studied time-based Media by Prof. Michaela Melián at HfbK (Hochschule für bildende Künste) Hamburg, 2011-12.

Anja Winterhalter is a freelance dramaturge, performance artist and photographer. Her artistic and dramaturgical projects were realized at various institutions and galleries, such as Kampnagel Hamburg, K3 Tanzplan Hamburg, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Gallery Melike Bilir, Museum Große Kunstschau Worpswede and others. Currently she works at the international Ensemble Treffen Total, which is busy with the practical research of scenic artwork. Treffen Total took place in the summer of 2016 on K3 / Kampnagel and will be continued as part of the promotion of the Elbkulturfonds 2018 with the theme „On Tourism“. Together with the choreographer Ursina Tossi she will develop the piece „Blue Moon“,which will premiere on Kampnagel in October 2018. Actually she coaches different classes of a school in different formats of artistic work. As a dramaturge she worked u.a. with Ursina Tossi, Yolanda Gutierez, Verena Brakonier and Natascha Moschini. In December 2016 her son Jim Louis was born.

Hannah Wischnewski aus Hamburg, geb. 1978, studierte Tanztherapie und war im Bereich klinischer Psychiatrie als Tanz- und Körpertherapeutin tätig, bevor sie 2012 den MA Performance Studies an der Universität Hamburg absolvierte. Sie arbeitet als freischaffende Performerin, Choreographin und Tanzpädagogin.Als Mitorganisatorin des Bewegungsraums e.V. im Gängeviertel unterstützt sie dort den künstlerischen Austausch von Tänzer_innen aus Hamburg und Senegal. In der Zinnschmelze Barmbek arbeitet sie seit 2016 als künstlerische Leiterin des Kindertanzprojekts „Heimat Tanz“. Zuletzt war sie im Januar 2017 als Performerin  in „I love Pina“ von Neal Medlyn und im Mai 2017 in „Brings, Swings, Flings, Wings, Rings, Living Happeningzings“  von Stanley Love auf Kampnagel zu sehen.

Jonas Woltemate is a choreographer and performer based in Hamburg. After residencies at K3 – Tanzplan Hamburg and Work Space Brussels he presented his first group piece CHAOS at Kampnagel in 2015 and the second Part the duet ‚ORDR‘ in 2017. Together with Heike Bröckerhoff and Moritz Frischkorn he developed the Performance JAKOB K. / EINS about the fictional Choreographer Jakob Klenke, which was invited by the international Festival for emerging Artis OUT NOW. In Mai 2018 the second part ‚JAKOB K. / Der Neue Mensch‘ has been presented at Kampnagel, Hamburg. In 2016 he received the Emerging Artist Award at ‚Hauptsache Frei‘ Festival for independent Arts Hamburg. As a performer he is part of the German Hip Hop Band DEICHKIND.