Postcard from the Meantime


Dear L.
this is the hardest postcard. It’s much easier to send greetings from a place than from a specific time. Or a concept of time. But I wanted to do so as it is your favorite and I fancy experiencing it very consciously at the moment. Still, sometimes I’m not sure if I’m in the meantime or if it’s I am just performing another activity. Am I in real time? Absorbed by the (hamster) wheel time? It’s 12.15 am and I am very tired today. I am still sitting in the kitchen of K3, where I spent some time with Antonia. She cooks for the whole group, 25 people. Does lunch happen in the meantime? Is meantime necessarily empty? It was a rainy day but now it’s getting brighter. My head is turning, I am tired. [Jump] It’s 9.52 pm, I am home and I just finished the rope skipping ”what you cannot see in the video“ text. Don’t know what to do next. It was a very hot day, 33 degrees. I am thinking that I am finally able to write to you. I got lost. I changed the beginning of the postcard many times. Found the photo: Is it about having a nap? Relaxing? Thinking? Imagining? Interrupting? Celebrating? Dancing? Isn’t movement always in between, there and gone? Maybe these questions are too banal. Meantime should not be about being inbetween because this would be spatializing it. I try to find an entrance, in time’s own quality and share it. I love the paradox you’re offering in Under the cover of darkness: ”It is not really considered time at our disposal, and yet it is the only time we have.“ And I would love to go for a walk with you and think together about all that. Pass by after your summer in Sicily, and enjoy.

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