Morphing two Trainings into one

What you cannot see is..
the other training that entered this video. You can see the rope skipping that was initiated and organized by Siggi. You cannot see Nuno’s speech and voice training that inspired me to do a live commentary. Last week we practiced the methodology of Encyclopédie de la parole, a collective and interdisciplinary project. Their principle is simple, the work is really hard and tricky. You try to reproduce pre-recorded voices including all possible aspects and qualities: content, melody, rhythm, timbre – all nuances and details. You do it in a group, as a choir. And often you do it with languages that you don’t even understand. We experimented with a Dutch teleshopping program on Abdoer Twins (nu kung U de pongees van uw lichaam smelten en er fantastisch uitzien – come on give it a try!), and with Michel Buffer’s presentation of the boxing match ”George Foreman vs. Shannon Briggs“ in 1997: Let’s get ready to rumble…..!!!!!!!!
I love sport commentaries… which is probably as difficult as all you can see in the video. What you cannot see is me sitting at home listening to and re-enacting my own recording (because the quality of the original one that i did live at the double dutch training was too bad). And while moving away from the original (recording) i got closer to the original (encyclopedic practice). ”Sometimes you have to betray the original to come close to it“, Janez Janša says and his name is a copy.
There is something else that you cannot see in the video: the competition. For the simple reason that there is no such a thing. We practiced rope skipping as a group activity. The individual’s success is celebrated as a group’s success. But you can see this, I guess.

Voice over: Heike Bröckerhoff, Video: Helena Ratka

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