Rolling on Hansaplatz

We were invited to take a walk at Hansaplatz and collect a couple of questions, write them on a paper. Later on we would mix the papers, receive a question by chance, and work with it.

How to eat a watermelon without a knife?
How much is an apartment for rent here, in €/m2?
What is in the rubbish bins right now?
What are the thoughts passing through peoples’ minds (those sitting nearby the fountain and those in the cafés)?
How big is the universe?
How many different languages could be spoken in this moment?

I try to guess what Giulio’s question is:
How to become one of them?
Could I adapt to that place?
How does it feel to move like a can?
Could you empathize with some non-human actors that are present here?
What would be the most surprising movement performed by a human body?
Will other people mind my weirdness?
How to communicate with the things surrounding you?
Could I be moved instead of moving?
How not to look like a tourist?
Can this space transform you?

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